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Guide For Bringing Your Business Into Digital [2018]

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Embrace Digital Change

If you haven't already embraced the internet as a new resource in doing business, it's time for you to make it a priority moving forward. Whether you're a retailer selling goods or a real estate agent attempting to match up sellers who wish to sell and buyers who wish to buy, getting a foothold in digital will be the only way to survive moving forward.

From a tech perspective, this means embracing new and exciting ways of doing things. For example, cloud technologies started out as a way of storing your data online, but today, it has the capability of storing an entire digital workstation, automating workflows, and better organizing your teams. Using technology that reduces the costs of business will ultimately make your operations much more efficient and help you better systematize your daily business tasks.

Pivot To New Business Strategies

A step in entering the digital arena is understanding that the old business strategies simply will not work. The internet has created a consumer base that is more educated and more aware of marketing trends than ever before. They despise the feeling of being sold a bill of goods. Consequently, for your business to really grow online, it will have to make a genuine effort to connect with users. This doesn't mean your business can't be creative with its marketing campaigns, but it must be honest and transparent.

We as business owners need to stop marketing outward and start marketing inbound. What is the story to tell about your company, your team, and the challenges? By opening a conversation around these stories and being more transparent with your customers you are encouraging trust.

In our increasingly social driven world, trust and brand advocacy has continue to grow in its importance. Therefore, the time to jump on the transparency bandwagon has come and those who think it’s an optional trend will see the direct impact on their business. Meanwhile, your competitors will be pulling back the curtain and see major growth because of it.

Mobile Matters

So you have a great business with an amazing staff, reputable services and the best products. Maybe you even have a decent website. Great! But, you’re undoubtedly losing massive amounts of web traffic if your website isn't mobile friendly.

Our Texas website designers know what a fantastic feeling it is to finish a stunning, comprehensive website. But we also know a website is a living thing. It has to evolve as necessary to meet user needs and expectations.

At the time of writing this article mobile traffic accounts for 52% of traffic worldwide.

In fact, 1 in 10 Americans have a smartphone, but don’t have broadband internet at home. Another 15% have smartphones and say their other options for internet connection are limited.

Focus On Long Term Growth

Digital transformation is often impressive, but it doesn’t have to disrupt the industry. Growing your business digitally with the right technologies can create a huge advantage and can even create a barrier to entry for would-be competitors.

Disrupting businesses has been relatively easy for companies such as Airbnb and Uber because they started out with a empty slate, according to Micheal Flan, senior vice president of Leonardo Data and Analytics.

“They weren’t protecting a long history of business and a reputation,” Flan said at Leonardo Live in Chicago on Thursday. “I feel like it’s a little bit disingenuous for me to stand here and say that that’s what most of us deal with on a day-to-day basis.”

The majority of existing businesses digital journey involves less transformation and innovation—and more process enhancement and effectiveness, according to Flan. Big projects often aim to make customers happier and cut costs—and they could even make you immune to disruption.

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I'm a creative marketer with a passion for growing businesses and optimizing operations. I've worked with hundreds of clients in several industries all over the country and I absolutely love it!

Jack Cravy

I'm a creative marketer with a passion for growing businesses and optimizing operations. I've worked with hundreds of clients in several industries all over the country and I absolutely love it!